When is actually time for consultation ?

In general always !

For a good consultant allows himself to be consulted.

100 years ago it was possible for a universal educated professor

to be on the top in the knowledge of the different subjects.

At least the contrary could not be proved so quickly as today.

As a result we go back to the position of the layman

and are ...you can see above.


Maybe there is surely something one needs to know- so likewise  

to draw before the bracket. Recurring truths and knowledge which

at least have not been disaproved by practical experience,

which reminds me of a skeleton.


We have two shoulder-bones which are postitioned above the

chest-ribs. If you look at the fashion, the shoulder-part is at  

least emphazised in the gentlemen fashion. It follows a V-Schape to the pelvis.


The fashion changes with emphasis on the individual regions,

but it always has to be within these key regions, therefore  

there is no fashion for a jellyfish.


We work out these basic structures in the consultation.

Something which remains- where a lot is changed by fashion.